Polaris Roll Cage

In the summer of 2015 we completed a custom designed and fabricated roll cage for a customer on his 2009 Polaris RZR 900 4 seater. This particular job posed significant challenges as the customer is 6’4″ tall and 300lbs. This meant the roll cage had to both accommodate his size, as well as be safe and of course look aesthetically pleasing. This meant thinking outside the box was paramount, and caused us to stray from our conventional cage design which is intended for a 90 percentile male. We determined that rolling the top tubes of the cage was the only way to make it tall enough for him to fit safely, but also to adequately protect him and his passengers, and not compromise the look of the vehicle. This roll cage features a revolutionary way of fastening the cage to the frame, traditionally RZR’s utilize the lower suspension mounting points for the rear cage mount. This leads to an increased moment of inertia during a rollover event and can lead to cage failure and passenger injury. After significant deliberation it was determined that our cage was going to use a more significant mounting system. We created a sheet metal bumper which ties the roll cage to the bumper and to the frame in 6 locations. The bumper is made of .090″ thick steel plate and was water jet cut and hand formed to fit. Then the mounting bosses and provisions were added to attach the bumper to the lower suspension pivot points, the upper suspension pivot points, and also to the upper shock mount. This created a very sturdy and robust design that would limit cage buckling in the event of a rollover to an almost zero chance condition. We then attached the cage to the top of the bumper using tubing couplers, and the other 6 points of the cage were also tied into the frame in their respective locations. This cage is one of a kind as a second one is yet to be built, and an industry first, utilizing a robust mounting strategy for the rear most cage mounting.