Back from the flames, TITAN Speed Engineering was recovered from a devastating fire and has since been divided into three individually owned divisions each responsible for one of the following products: oil pumps, clutches, and rocker arms. DREWFAB Inc. took ownership of the Clutch division in 2021.

After over a year of reverse engineering, we now have complete CAD models and stock of the renowned TITAN Black Star Clutch and are actively working to improve the design.

DREWFAB Inc. is SFI certified for programs:

     1.2 Multiple Disc Clutch Assemblies for Vehicles with Naturally Aspirated Engines

     1.3 Nitro-Methane Drag Race Multiple Disc Clutch Assemblies

     1.4 Methanol Drag Race Multiple Disc Clutch Assemblies

     1.5 Multiple Disc Clutch Assemblies for Supercharged, Nitrous Oxide-injected, and Turbocharged Vehicles

TITAN Black Star Clutch

  • Standard 7075 T6 AL (Optional Titanium, Optional Steel Flywheel)
  • Boninfante Sintered iron discs
  • Mild Steel Floaters w/ cutters
  • Pressure Plates and Flywheels have replaceable steel, segmented inserts for the wear surface
  • Centrifugal only (automatic) or Pedal+Centrifugal (Can convert from one to the other!)
  • Levers apply more clamping force as RPM increases
  • Square stands
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