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DF1117-801 DRILL JIG

DF1117-801 DRILL JIG

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Want to purchase our steering pins but aren’t sure about drilling and tapping your droop/nozzle adapter yourself? Have a JC bowl? Don’t have easy access to a machine shop to aid in the modification? Here is your solution!
Our steering pins are changing the market in a big way, making your steering smoother, safer, and more reliable. This simple addition will make a noticeable difference in the drivability of your boat.

Our new drill jig allows you to easily make the modification/s to your droop or nozzle adapter or JC bowl without the need for specialized equipment.
Simply slide the drill jig into the steering pin hole in the nozzle adapter/droop/bowl, put the stringer washer, washer, and nut on the bottom side, orient the drill jig, tighten it down, then just drill and tap.
The jig features 2 countersunk holes and 2 different sized bushings, one for the drill and one for the tap.

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