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The DREWFAB Pump Brace/Driveshaft loop incorporates 2 very important features a high performance jet boat needs: hull stiffness around the intake and a safety loop for your driveshaft.

Our pump brace is 1/4″ thick and designed to be universal, adjustable in width from 23-1/4″ to 26-1/8″ and adjustable in height. The holes in the flange that bolt to the intake are also slotted to allow for different bolt patterns. The pump brace is guaranteed to bolt to a DREWFAB 5 degree intake, but we have also checked it against a stock Berkeley intake as well. The pump brace also features a driveshaft loop with a removable top collar. The collar is held on via two 1/4-28 button head screws (do not over tighten these screws, use a small drop of blue Loctite and make them snug). Hardware is included (minus the intake bolts). The kit comes with 4 DREWFAB stringer washers as well. 

The pump brace is designed for use in a 19' tunnel, it may also work for a 21' tunnel or a 21' v bottom, but is not guaranteed to fit.

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